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Fieldteam is a job management solution that allows you to run your business and manage your team on the go. By integrating multi media features and cloud services, Fieldteam connects the team in your office with the team out in the field providing real time information about where they are and what they are working on.
Fieldteam has been designed by tradesmen for tradesmen but we don't stop there! Any service based industry with field staff can improve their business by using Fieldteam. Our clients include plumbers, removalists, couriers, waste removal, computer technicians, and many more.
Fieldteam is a web based application so there is no software to install. All you need is an iPhone, iPad, Android phone, PC or Mac (with internet access) and you are able to take advantage of Fieldteam.
Yes, Fieldteam integrates with MYOB, Xero, Saasu and Quickbooks.
Once we've sent you your login details, the Fieldteam iPhone or iPad app can be download from the iTunes App Store. Android is available from Google Play Store. PC users can log in through the website.
There are NO lock in contracts with Fieldteam. You pay by the month and can end your contract at any time.
Simply fill out the sign up form on our website. We'll contact you to help you set everything up and explain how to make the most of your 30 day trial. There is no obligation to sign up at the end of the trial but we think this is enough time to experience the benefits Fieldteam will bring to your business.
Cloud services rely on remote access to virtual servers in a remote location. This is an alternative to having to maintain physical servers yourself, which takes up space, time and money. Cloud Services take care of backups and security for you, and all your information is stored in a central location meaning that you can access it from any online device.
We believe that the benefits of having photos, video and audio are immeasurable. This could potentially save your company thousands of dollars as they can be used to record what work was done or how the site was left. Imagine trying to prove your case in a legal battle without having a photo or video? Resolve disputes immediately with Fieldteam's multi media features.